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Amazing Mexican Artists: Frida Kahlo

The world of Mexican art is an interesting genre for any art lover to explore because it has so many interesting facets. The world of art looks up to Mexican artists because of their talent and passion that are seen in their masterpieces. One of the artists that are a pride of Mexico is Frida Kahlo. While married to an equally talented and daring artist, Frida has her own style and created a name for herself as a passionate Mexican artist. Her indigenous style and her use of striking colors became her trademark. 


Her mexican paintings reflect the culture and life of Mexico and various influences work together to make her work unique and memorable. Frida Kahlo was said to take inspiration from Symbolism, Surrealism, and Realism and is famous for her self-portraits.


Frida often justified her obsession with herself as subject by saying that she is the subject she knows the best. Because she lived a life of highs and lows, her paintings often come with a strong wave of emotions, allowing others to get a glimpse of her hardships she experienced along with her success.


The works of Frida Kahlo are not very diverse and only contain a limited number of subjects. Head portraits and full length portraits are the bulk of her paintings, the majority of which are paintings of herself. You can see more of her works at Mexican art musuem. Her introverted personality reflects her work and her inner struggles to find happiness are what make her paintings gripping. 


Frida was a self-made surrealist painter. She found her stride and rose to fame when Neomexicanismo flourished. Before that, her only recognition was that she the wife of the legendary Diego Rivera. At long last during this time, she was recognized for her talent. A tragic accident when she was 19 made Frida pursue a career in painting instead of continuing her study of medicine. This particular accident also changed her life, making her unable to bear a child. This physical incapacity caused a great pain in her life, making her paintings have an air of sadness around them. For more information about mexican art musuem, please check our online art gallery at

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